Dear Humanity, We are Failing

Yesterday evening I was enjoying some quiet time in our “tree-house,” or so we’ve taken to calling the upper-level of our home. Perched at eye-level with the highest branches of a number of Maple trees, it is the only room in the third story of our cabin-like haven, and a perfect place to relax, work, write or think.

I find myself deep in thought often these days… Thoughts about the state of the world, about life, and love, and hatred. I think about friendship and the number of friendships that the current climate has dissolved. I think about values and virtues of my loved ones and acquaintances, and how I really love trying to understand why someone believes as they do (it’s like, each person is their own little history book, and I’m one of those people who LOVES to peel back the pages and start at the beginning).

Then, I often find myself crumbling into the abyss of my own mind. I internally weep for the lives that have been lost in recent months, whether from an invisible enemy or a visible one. I weep for the loss of compassion and understanding in a world of me-ness. I weep for the hardened hearts, so filled with anger, that are beating so blindly, not comprehending that other choices are available to quell that anger.

When this happens, when I find myself getting lost in a wood of depressive thoughts, I take to my pen (or keyboard, for the modern soul).

Through gentle tapping, and through a flood of emotions and words that I have so longed to communicate to the world, the following words were born, which I posted, in the late hours of last night, to the all-powerful social media site, Facebook, desperately hoping to communicate that what we currently are as a human race is the FARTHEST thing from humanity.

We. Are. Failing.

“The definition of humanity is the entire human race or the characteristics that belong uniquely to human beings, such as kindness, mercy and sympathy. An example of humanity is all the people in the world. An example of humanity is treating someone with kindness.”

So, answer me these simple questions: Do words filled with anger and hatred towards people who believe differently than you display “humanity?” Does rioting and looting communicate “humanity?” Does posting wretched words about any candidate running for a government office, despite what side you are on promote “humanity?”

This is not a “right wing” or a “left wing” or a “middle of the road” post. This is truth.

What is happening in the world is the opposite of “humanity.” What we are hearing communicated in the media is not “humanity.” The violence that is happening in multiple nations across the world, despite the reasons behind it, is not “humanity.” “Humanity” is treating ALL people of ALL races and backgrounds with KINDNESS.

There is NOTHING kind about ANYTHING happening in the world with regards to politics and race. And if there is, indeed, kindness still prevalent (and I KNOW there is) why are we not seeing it? Why are our news channels, our social media feeds and our conversations filled with the opposite of “humanity?”

Can we all just take a breath, and remember that all human souls breathing on this earth are part of the same species? Do we really want our humanity to crumble into oblivion?

Screw the media. Screw the narrative. I beg you to search your hearts for compassion and kindness. There is no other way we, as a species, can prevail.

So, I ask you this… Can you strive to make today the day that you come back to humanity by asking yourself, “How can I do this with love and kindess and compassion?

Imagine what a world it would be if we all took that approach.

Author: Mary Burgstahler

I'm a mother, sister, wife, daughter and friend. When I'm not writing or traveling, I work as a REALTOR in the Twin Cities West Metro. I enjoy a good glass of cabernet, hiking and camping with my family, taking on new challenges, and am always up for an adventure!

2 thoughts on “Dear Humanity, We are Failing”

  1. I love your writing. Your empathy for our world is obvious and you radiate how Jesus would want us walking right now. Be present, be compassionate, and freaking love those who inhabit this messy place.

    Liked by 1 person

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