Do You Have a Grief Story? I Want to Hear About It!

Some of the best ways to accept and overcome grief and loss is by listening to others who have experienced the same, as well as to share your story.  Letting your emotions pour out of you provides a great sense of relief, just as connecting with those who have similar life experiences creates a sense of community and peace.

Therefore, I will be starting a series called “This is My Grief.”

I’d like to share one or two stories a month with my readers, from my readers.  They should be stories of loss, any kind of loss.  Grief doesn’t necessarily only happen because of death.  It can be brought on by loss of a job, a relationship, even an end of your favorite show on Netflix (you know you’ve experienced that).

If you’d like to submit, please keep these questions in mind as you share your story:


What kind of loss did you experience?

How did this loss affect you physically?

How did this loss affect you emotionally?

Did you seek any type of counseling?

Where are you currently in your grief journey?

How did you overcome, or what strategies are you implementing to overcome your grief?

What would you like to learn more about when it comes to grief and living life on purpose?


Please email your stories to with the subject “My Grief.”

Don’t forget to include your name!

Through this series it is my hope to remind those who are suffering know that they are not alone.  There is, indeed, a light at the end of that long, dark tunnel.  So let’s shed some light together!

Author: Mary Burgstahler

I'm a mother, sister, wife, daughter and friend. When I'm not writing or traveling, I work as a REALTOR in the Twin Cities West Metro. I enjoy a good glass of cabernet, hiking and camping with my family, taking on new challenges, and am always up for an adventure!

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